Taking over a family farm has not been without its pitfalls. Being a farmer today requires increasingly innovative and rigorous technical monitoring in terms of production and management.
Combined with the burden of red tape and regulatory constraints, the relentless race to progress and limitless gigantism is looking more futile every day, sometimes against unsurmountable odds.
Today’s farmers are destabilized by the recurring demands and requirements from so many parties.
The agriculture system which, a few decades ago, led us to push farm productivity by every possible means in order to allow people to eat "cheap", has passed. We are overwhelmed by incessant media hype pointing at us as the only ones responsible for all environmental degradation.
I can’t help feeling disconnected from the ecological standpoints of rural dwellers and their idyllic sometimes overused vision of a rural imagery. The sentiment of others on my farming activity, their hasty and sometimes contemptuous judgment, have shaken my confidence.
Since the 90s and my earliest steps in silver photography with a camera offered by my father, until the inevitable arrival of digital technology, I have had to adapt, take classes, progress, and persevere, always persevere... While yielding to technical complexity, I expressed myself through the one means available to my artistic sensitivity, that is, capturing my life in pictures.
Tirelessly, I went criss-crossing my territory, taking in those familiar and apparently dull places which in fact turn out to be just the opposite.
In 2012, my work was exhibited at the Photographic Salon of Montrouge. With the series "Prise de Terre" and "Lieu", I was able to depict my intentions and provide a fundamental impetus to my approach. Just as fundamental was meeting with my photography teacher.
Thanks to the legitimacy I gained from the Montrouge show, and also thanks to the involvement of my staff, I can spare some time off to indulge in artistic projects. Travelling, opening up to the world, visiting museums as initiated by my parents, added to my meetings with other artists and a few gallery owners who have become friends, not to mention my circle of close friends and the association I support, these are the many decisive elements in my approach.
"JE N'AI RENDEZ-VOUS AVEC PERSONNE" is the title of my new series of photographs. Originating from the need to calm down and find myself, this collection results from my urge to escape from a straitjacket. While straying to other, often distant, horizons, I never stopped thinking of my farm, which was so essential to me.
Face the danger of the abandoned places that attract me, travel without constraint, take the time. Wander, wait, always wait, wait for this ideal light, however familiar, to come back... though knowing it will not return. And believe that yesterday’s failed photograph will turn perfect tomorrow.
Take in those abandoned spaces, those rural architectures, where uncontrolled nature regains its rights and reveals itself in another form: the emotion is aroused by such places, once so alive, now deserted. Sense Man’s presence : I never photograph just a face or a person without the memory I have of either, in those familiar locations.
In other words, I explore alone, off the marked trails, allowing myself to discover the unexpected. Our world is saturated with images, perhaps too much so. However, I photograph variations in repetition and declination until a snapshot, an apparently harmless detail, a distance, a light, creates a new composition. Avoid excessive aesthetics, make the imperceptible visible. Spontaneously extract beauty from where you don't expect it, frame the little something that will become an exception. Jubilant when the image is successful, without retouching.
Such emotions will remain unique, I know that.